Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Kashem

It is with great pleasure and pride that I pen this message to the BDS website as the President of the Bangladesh Dental Society.

The BDS, which thirty nine years ago was a fledgling group with a handful of members, has now established itself as a dynamic and influential body that provides a strong voice for the needs of Dental Surgeons in Bangladesh having almost 10000 vibrant members. It has been contributing immensely to the development of the profession as well as the welfare of the public as it has grown over the years to become a body of widely spread professionals. It is a great honor for me to find myself as the President of an organization that has played a significant role in the development of the dental community that enjoys such a deserved reputation.  As the newly appointed president, I assure you that I will, to the best of my ability, uphold the constitution of BDS, and the standards and practices that come with it. 

As the year 2015/2016 began, I expect to continue the good programmes initiated by our current EC and hope for the support and the unity of the new committee to further strenghthen the betterment of the association throughout the year. 

Special focus will be given to the ‘young dental surgeons’ and more opportunities will be created for them. We will strive our best to bring all our colleagues under one roof in the near future by increasing our interpersonal bonding. In addition, I intend to commence an oral health awareness drive to attract the mass people of all levels to get treated by Dental Doctors only and not by quacks.

Last but not least, we are extremely grateful to the FDI, for trusting on us to perform “Brush Day & Night” program. And with the help of the Ministry of Education, Dental Surgeons and the participating schools with 1600 children, we successfully completed the program with grand success. I have planned to carry out certain new projects which will be beneficial to the organization in the future also. 

I’m most humbly looking forward to the year ahead and intend to fulfil my duties as the president of the BDS and work towards the advancement of the association and the society at large. 

Finally, I wish to thank the members of the web development committee for the immense dedication put in to maintaining and running of BDS website and Unilever Bangladesh for supporting us in this endevour.