Dr. Humayun Kabir Bulbul

First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to my creator for giving me the opportunity to have the honour to write a message as the Secretary General of The Bangladesh Dental Society. I would like to extend my deep respect to all our members who had elected me for this prestigious post of the premium organization of the Dentists in Bangladesh.

The current Bangladesh Dental Society (BDS) is working relentlessly to promote the art and science of dentistry for the benefit of professionals as well as for the community. The dental fraternity needs to work hand in hand to meet the challenges confronting the profession in the coming years, which include:

Having a large cohort of graduates to be absorbed into the profession, from approximately 500 to up to 1200 a year. For this we already created some job opportunities which will make the young dentists more enthusiastic. We have to meet the increasing oral health needs and demands of Bangladeshis, especially amongst the expanding geriatric population and those who are becoming more aware of aesthetic dentistry. Dentists, therefore need to continuously upgrade themselves in skills and knowledge for the benefit of the public whom we serve. We should remember the FDI Policy Statement on Basic Dental Education, “The newly qualified dentist should be able to carry out every kind of dental practice appropriately using currently accepted methods of treatment”. Lets take our dentistry towards the “World Class Dentistry”.

The urgent need to increase the number of specialists in all the different fields of dentistry is a burning requirement now, which we can achieve by increasing the opportunities in post graduate studies.

With support of the BDS members, it is hoped that the society would continue to serve as a strong platform that promotes professional excellence, friendship and wellbeing of the dental fraternity. Be with us and we can assure you, we will- “Go Boldly Where Dentistry Has Never Gone Before”.

Serving Together With You.

Dr. Humayun Kabir Bulbul

Secretary General

Bangladesh Dental Society